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 Karl Breaux is a French speaking CAJUN, born in Lafayette, and has received awards from the governments of France and Louisiana for his efforts to protect the French language.
 Karl works with his family in their supermarket and has cooked for many years at hunting camps, family outings, and public events.

 Karl has a unique way of enjoying Louisiana’s Paradise while showing how a real and True CAJUN cooks the traditional meals as well as the modern methods of preparing Great Home Cooked Meals.
 To quote Karl's favorite saying: "Love everyone and have fun" while we live a true Cajun experience.

Special Introduction Offer 1
Cookn Adventures II

Volume II

Over 150 Recipes
Meat, Poultry & Wild Game
Dressings & Breads
Appetizers & Salads
Gumbos, Soups & Stews
Vegetables & Side Dishes
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HOME -- Recipes -- TV Episodes -- Karl’s Articles