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 Merle Haggart wrote a song lamenting for the times when America was still strong. In it he highlights a lot of the true statements about the eroding integrity of the political environment. What was once a code of honor and the word of someone meant everything is now a game of “catch me if you can”. I remember when as a young college student back in the 1980’s, I volunteered to help in the electoral process. I participated in; voter registration drives, helped organize public debates and posted signs for candidates which I supported. Many of the speeches and dog and pony shows were aimed at helping the common man- the farmer, the blue collar worker, the educator, the small business owner and also family values. I guess I am old fashioned, but I agreed then and still do with that philosophy.

   We are now at a cross road in this country. The seemingly purposeful dismantling of our beautiful United States of America is akin to a fire sale. The Constitution which was written in order to prevent tyranny and oppression is called outdated and obsolete by the powers that be. I can remember starting the day at school with a prayer and the pledge of allegiance- now banned by our government and courts- can someone please tell me what the hell is going on? The disappearing middle class is being extinguished by the tide of social welfare spending and government largesse which is a malignant cancer to our way of life. All the while, our elected officials’ shamelessly accumulate wealth, not from honest work, but from the bribes of the lobbyist from K Street. Network news as well as most cable channels is nothing more than propaganda machines which would make, Joseph Goebbels, look like an amateur. Something is awfully wrong with the way this country is being taken down a slippery slope. We all need to get involved in the process of beginning to return to our former values and standing in the world.

   We live in a country where a major election seldom reaches 50 percent voter turnout. This happens even in times when our best and brightest are fighting on foreign soil in order to insure the right to vote to others. We really take our right to vote and our veterans for granted! We have been truly blessed to have been able to enjoy the freedom and bounty of the United States of America. I have travelled to various places on this planet over the course of my life. Through my travels I have learned to kiss the soil of my homeland when I have returned from abroad. We must not allow our children and grandchildren to be robbed of their inheritance and burdened by crippling debt. We need to reign in our elected officials and return to our original values outlined in the constitution of the United States of America.

   We can make a difference by showing up to vote for individuals we think will do the right things-honorably. We can hold them accountable for their actions. We can dismantle their “golden parachute” retirement plans and benefit packages that they have voted for and created themselves. We need to return to being a bastion of freedom and opportunity. Not only for those in the pursuit of wealth, but those in the pursuit of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

   I still believe in the power of the vote and the will of the people. If we all hold fast to our hearts and exercise our hard earned right to choose our leaders- we can make a difference. We can save our country from this downward spiral. We need to get involved in the process and pay attention to our elected officials’ actions after they are in the system. Go out and vote for people whom you feel will indeed make our country strong and create an even playing field for the working man and woman.


  Karl Breaux
 A.k.a Cajun Karl

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